Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Coming Soon...10 x 10 = 100

This is your opportunity to support the Chelmsford Center for the Arts AND come home with a beautiful original piece of art!  March 24 at All Saints', 10 Billerica Road, Chelmsford, at 7:10 pm the 100 minute silent auction of 50 works by local artists will begin.  The proceeds will go toward purchasing furnishings for the CCA.   Tickets are $20 at the door.  A cash wine bar and hors d'oeuvres will be part of the festivities.  The reserve bid on each work will be $50.  Whether you are already a collector or new to purchasing original art, there will be something for you.  Your purchase will continue the 133 year legacy of art and performance at the old Town Hall.  Please join us and support the arts in Chelmsford.

Here is the list of artists who are participating:

1.    Georgia Spanos   Acrylic
2.    Claire Gagnon    Acrylic
3.    Trina Teele      Oil
4.    Harry Taplin     photographer
5.    Jennifer Heater    Mixed Media
6     Helen Moriarty     Acrylic
7.    Priti Lathi        canvas
8.    Gopika Narula      Mixed media
9.    Kathy Clericuzio   Colored Pencil
10.   Theresa Cryan      canvas
11.   Kathy Cooper        Oil            
12.   Frank Hanahan      canvas
13.   Gillian Orlinsky   canvas
14.   Carmen Christiano  Acrylic
15.   Judy Heron         oil
16.   Ann Cullerton      oil
17.   Ivan Orlinsky      Oils
18.   Marguerite Coyle   canvas
19.   Denise Rains       canvas
20.   Roberta Witts      Mixed Media
21.   Brenda MacDonald   Acrylic
22.   Donna Berger       Acrylic
23    Laurie Miller       Oil
24.   Paula Mingolelli    Oil
25.   Laurie Simko        oil
26.   Robert Moll         Digital Photoraphy
27.   Nan Quintin         Acrylic
28    Linda Michalopulos  canvas
29.   Crissie Murphy      Acrylic
30.   Ivana Valentich     Acrylic
31.   Heidi Jackson       Acrylic and Recycled Matter
32.   Christopher Pendergast   Oil
33.   Andrea Peters        canvas
34.   Nita Leger casey     Oil
35.   William E. Berry     Oil
36.   Elaine Perra Renault Painting on Textile
37.   Cathy Granese        Fabric
38.   Don Ouellette        Oil
39.   Debra Bretton Robinson     Acrylic
40.   Karen Bettencourt   Colage
41.   Elaine Carbonneau Dutton   Acrylic
42.   Amy Finn Aker       Acrylic
43.   Rob Sardelli        Airbrush
44.   W. Marty Marshall      Acrylic
45.   Tom Gill             Acrylic    
46.   Johanna Wray        Oil
47.   Mary Jane Brunelle   canvas
48.   Peggy Jungbluth      Oil
49.   Sue Lippman          Oil
50.   Rita Thompson        Acrylic